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3295 Lakeshore Avenue
Oakland, CA, 94610
United States

Bay-Made is a community art space and local gift shop located at 3295 Lakeshore Avenue in Oakland, California. Specializing in all things locally made, Bay-Made carries things from fine art paintings to locally made skincare and stationery, while also offering private art lessons and craft workshops. 

Our Artists & Makers

Bay Area local artists featured in the Bay-Made Gift Shop


Bay-Made Local Artists & Makers
Below are a few of the artists and makers that you can expect to find at Bay-Made. We have over 120 local artists and makers from all over the bay area represented in our store.

We are asked frequently if we work with artists of color in our store, LGBTQ makers, or if we actually carry work from Bay Area natives. The answer is a resounding yes! While we don’t believe in tokenism, we opt instead to find the best work out there, and because of this, our makers are exceptionally diverse and are reflective of our community. Truth be told, most of our makers are women or women-owned businesses, and we are so proud to share their work with you. Due to our understanding of our own white privilege as owners of this shop, as well as knowledge of the disparity of socio-economic situations in the Bay, we do our best to work with underrepresented artists & tiny “kitchen” businesses, but we do work with a few larger companies, as well.


Are you an artist or maker CURRENTLY living in the Bay? We are looking for the best of the best from the Bay Area. If you make exceptional artwork or products, please fill out our ****** Submission Form ****** and send us an email, and if we find you a good fit for our shop, we will be in contact! Please note we have extremely limited space in our shop, so large items, clothing, most non-functional sculpture, and things without extremely professional packaging or pricing will not be accepted. As well, items best suited to our gallery must be approved through our gallerist, and must be able to be hung with our system so as to not damage our walls. We are not responsible for improperly installed hanging hardware that is not part of our rail system. We 100% reject submissions with broken links, no pictures, exclusively fan art, no estimated pricing, and duplicate submissions.

Please note: Even if we find your work to be up to our standards, due to buying schedules, gallery calendars, extremely limited space, and yearly retail trends, we still may not be able to buy from you or host your work right away. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

***Due to the high volume of submissions, cold-calls to our shop will be rejected--please use our online form. If computers are inaccessible, please call our shop at 510-520-4600 and leave your name and phone number and a very short description of your work and pricing, and we will set up an appointment. If you just pop by, it’s like showing up to a job interview you don’t have! ***

We are so humbled by the response of those wishing to be in Bay-Made, but we want to pay everyone the respect they deserve, and we simply can't do that while unannounced.

Some of our artists and makers:

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 1.16.54 PM.png

Michael Tunk

Analog collage artist Michael Tunk is based in Alameda, California. He finds his images everywhere from Little Golden books and old pulp novels to science textbooks and vintage etchings. 
bay-made dandelion chocolate

Dandelion Chocolate

“This San Francisco bean-to-bar producer makes artisanal single-origin bars wrapped in beautiful paper.”

Dare I say the best chocolate made in the Bay Area? When the concept of terroir makes it to chocolate, this is what you get--pure chocolate bars made only with single origin cacao beans and sugar. There's nothing like it.
Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 3.39.53 PM.png

Bicycle Coffee

Freshly roasted coffee delivered by bicycle to our shop. Not only that, but the organic beans are sustainably grown with partnered farms 
Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 4.03.20 PM.png

Sarahjane Bernhisel // Bison Paper Company

Artwork by one of the owners of Bay-Made is sold in the form of art prints and stationery items. 
Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 4.10.47 PM.png

Illuminati Waxworks

Soy candles from an Oakland studio which feature phthalate-free scents and moody, luxe branding. These candles are long lasting and clean burning, and come in recyclable and reusable packaging.
Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 4.19.39 PM.png

Slate & Stone Jewelry

San Francisco jeweler Sophie Silverstein uses fine metals and semiprecious stones to create her modern handmade wearable art.
Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 4.23.57 PM.png

Alexandra Barao Ceramics

Alexandra makes her work in her Berkeley studio, and is inspired by California landscapes and colors. 

Beija Flor Naturals

Crafted in Oakland, BFN makes rich skin and haircare products for all skin and hair types. 

Below is the full list at this moment of our makers. Links if possible will be added soon:

Alex Bowman

Alexandra Barao

Alexandra Chelini


All Elements Apothecary

Andrea Pereira

Anino Press

Anna Vaughan

Ayla Isadora

Azimuth Ceramics

Azteca Negra

Beija Flor Naturals

Ben Jelter

Bicycle Coffee

Brandon Ruffin

Brandon Smith

Brian Gangelhoff

Brie Spielmann

Brookelyn Ceramics

Candice Diane

Carmen McNall

Celeste Flores

Chiki Rice

Chris Saunders

Cimaruta Remedies


Dandelion Chocolate

Dandylion Press

Dear Indigo

Denise Heffernan


Drea Jay

Earth Gems

Eda Kaban

Elaine D’Sa

Essence Unlimited 510

Everyday Olive

Gay Heit

Germaine De Luca

Handbrewed Soaps

Heather Ihn

Herbs + Oils

Hide It Awl Leather


Hooray All Day

Illuminati Waxworks

Impressed by Nature

Jen Oaks

Jenni Williams

Jerry Solomon

Joca Granola

John HW

Johnathon Q Swanson

Karen LeGault

Kaya Sattva

Kione’s Prism Jewelry

Kristina Micotti

Kwento by Nica

La Tinta

Lady Alamo

Landmark Ink

Lemon Jitters

Linda La Touche

Lisa Tsubouchi

Lit Rituals

Little Red House

Local Foods Wheel

Mane Message

Mano Con Ojo

Margarita Uno

Marida Berlin

Marie Renfro

Mary Siegfried

Maura McMichaels

Melissa Holden


Michael Tunk

Michelle Sparnicht





Nancy Overton

Not Stoked

Oakland Magazine

Oaktown Spice Shop

Olivia Chen

Painted Tongue Press

Paper Pony Co

Raven Rova

Redwood Forge

Rigel Stuhmiller

Ruby Gold

Rust & Flourish

Sam Issac

Samudra Skin & Sea

Sandra Oh

Sapphire Pine

Sarah Clark

Sarahjane Bernhisel

Scrambles Whole Cloth


Sigrid Herr

Simon Lutrin


Slate & Stone


Sophie Tivona

Stephanie Lowenthal-Sevy

Symon Hayes

Tanner Griepentrog

That’s Good Paper

The Crucible

Timothy Bluitt

Urban Beekeeper

Urban Gem

Whitney Weber

Woo Garden Jam




Yellow Owl Workshop