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3295 Lakeshore Avenue
Oakland, CA, 94610
United States

Bay-Made is a community art space and local gift shop located at 3295 Lakeshore Avenue in Oakland, California. Specializing in all things locally made, Bay-Made carries things from fine art paintings to locally made skincare and stationery, while also offering private art lessons and craft workshops. 


Bay-Made's Junior Maker Studio

Bay-Made is excited to announce that we are now offering classes just for your younger crafters! We’ll be kicking off Summer 2019 with a kids dedicated 3-day camp that will have sessions running from June 10th until August 9th, all supplies included!

Three day camp sessions will be for ages 3-5 yrs (Peewee Crafters) and 6 and up (Junior Crafters). Each session will have a new theme with different projects hand-picked to get your children messy and experimenting with new ways to use tools they can find around the house or at a local craft store. The Sunday following our last camp session in August we will be hosting a gallery show open to parents and the public for your kids to show off their favorite creations to the community. We are so excited for this new adventure for our shop and we can’t wait to craft with your kids!


If They Can Think It, They Can Make It!

Our philosophy in our maker’s studio is that any kid can create anything they design from their imagination! We provide a project list for each session that is meant to stimulate your child’s creativity and get them thinking about how to translate their design into a physical project. This process allows each child to leave our classes with something truly unique and handcrafted. Each session we teach techniques that will be new to most children such as screen-printing, book-making, and creature sculpting where kids will get to truly experiment and learn new skillsets.

Children are free to get MESSY here and it’s a blast! We provide a space where no idea is too silly, messing up is okay, and sharing new techniques/ perspectives is strongly encouraged. At Bay-Made your children will not just have fun, they will thrive and we are so excited to see what they’ll make!

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Meet the Instructor!

Whitney is a fantasy illustrator and fabrication artist from San Francisco who has worked with children as a caregiver and camp counselor for 15 years. Her own work draws off of her love for faeries and beasties, using multiple techniques such as illustration, sculpting, sewing, and bookmaking to bring her own creatures to life. She fondly remembers summer days spent at the library taking these types of workshops and wishes to provide that same experimental creative experience for your kids! Whitney is passionate about nurturing each child’s creative ideas and abilities so that no matter what they made with her they will leave our shop proud of what they’ve accomplished.

Shameless Plugs

“The teen class at Bay-Made was perfect. Good size, quality instruction, FUN and we love that it was at Bay-Made. Thank you!”

For more information about our kid's classes and camp email Whitney at!